8 Day All Japanese Media Challenge 

I've decided to challenge myself with an 8 Day All Japanese Media challenge. This means I will surround myself with Japanese news programs, dramas, and anything audio based. I've done this before and it would last months at a time, but for some reason, I would always revert back to English. I guess it's because the brain is so used to English, and when it is trying to understand Japanese, it gets fatigued, and as a result, I get frustrated. It's amazing how the mind works. It can be so strong, yet, at the same time, so fragile and weak. It will take some discipline and focus to accomplish this goal, but I will do this challenge no matter what!

I'll be performing in Japan, soon! 



I have some awesome news! Soon, I will be going to Japan! I'm very excited! I'm scheduled to leave on July 1, and will ariive on the 2nd. I'll be performing in Osaka and Tokyo in two concerts with a talented musician named Violin Ninja. Flute Ninja and Violin Ninja, the irony! I'm really looking forward to this!

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